South India : what to see and what to do ?
01 Dec 2018

South India : what to see and what to do ?

Whenever people talk about South India, you may think about temples, culture activities and natural reserves. This is totally true! South India has many good places where visitors have a good time by enjoying exciting activities during their visit. If you are planning to travel to South India, here are some of the best attractions and the best activities to do.

Try Thekkady

Thekkady is a breathtaking park that completes the beauty of South India. It is a good spot to experience the beauty of the nature. Visitors have the opportunity to do a variety of activities in this area.

Among the best activities that you can do in Thekkady are: 

  • Bamboo rafting: It allows you to discover the animals and the birds through the vast forest while sailing on bamboo. 
  • Discovering the largest tigers of the country 
  • Hiking: The hills and forest give the chance to go hiking 
  • Boating: While boating, you can enjoy the green view of the area and watch elephants bathing in the lake. 
  • Riding elephants

Don't miss to visit Gokarna

This is a small holy town, place is well known as a good destination for holidays. If you want to give peace to your mind and breathing fresh air from the nature, this is a good choice for your vacation. The commonest activities of Gokarna are: 

  • Sunbathing on the beaches: The place has very clear beaches with white sand boarded by turquoise water. 
  • Camping: It is really funny to camp in Gokarna thanks to the beautiful beaches accompanied by the smooth sounds of waves, the climate is also perfect for camping. 
  • Boating: Banana boats are available for riding at OM beach. 
  • Enjoying seafood: Several kinds of snacks can be eaten while visiting Gokarna. 
  • Shopping at the flea market: It is the best way to choose good memories back from your holidays. 
  • Surfing and relaxing: The place is calm enough for those who want to take a rest during holiday.

Munnar: a good attraction

Munnar is mainly characterized by vast tea gardens, hillocks, lakes, waterfalls and forests. Thanks to many beautiful attractions, this town allows to practice a variety of funny activities during your tour. 

  • Camping is possible at the top of small hills covered in short bushes. 
  • Trekking across the forest and the hills are also one of the best activities that you can do in Munnar. 
  • Taking a walk to the romantic waterfalls like Lalkam waterfalls, Attukal waterfalls and Thoovanam fall. They are all interesting and attractive. 
  • Rock climbing: Adventure lovers are fond of this place because of the hilly and rocky landscapes. 
  • Elephant riding: It is one of the best things to do for children and adults.

Traveling to South India

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