Visit India : which part ?

Visit India : which part ?

India is a popular tourist venue with its scenic areas, cultural diversity and food. India is bordered by many countries, which makes it more interesting to visit. Whether your visit is for business or for pleasure, discover the most notable tourist attractions in India with eDreams, which has the best deals all year long.

Book your flight with us and explore the highlights of this country. Which part of India should you visit? What are the major tourist attractions in each area? Which places should you explore to make your trip enjoyable and unforgettable?

Which parts of India to visit?

Being bordered by many different countries like Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, India is known for its diverse cuisine, cultural and religious practices and numerous languages. Which part of India should you visit? What are the most popular tourist attractions in this huge country?

The Northern part of India is home to fantastic tourist venues, which attract thousands of tourists every year:

  •  Rajasthan or the ‘Land of Kings' is the capital city of India: The most impressive tourist attractions include the three forts, the temples, and the City Palace. It is also interesting to visit the Blue City, which is the gateway to the Thar Desert and the Mehrangarh Fort.
  •  Agra: It is a popular destination in India, with its Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh, and the white marble museum, which is widely recognized as a monument of love. There is also Agra Fort, a beautiful place whose story is worth discovering.
  •  Dehli, India's capital city and the oldest city in the world, and its districts. The notable attractions include the Red Fort or Lal Qila, which is an awesome monument built from sandstone, the bazaar, the former residence of the Sultan, and the jewel palace.
  •  Amritsar, Punjab, which is a holy city for pilgrimage for the Sikh religion. The scenic area features the Golden Temple or the Harmandir Sahib. It is just fascinating and attracts thousands of pilgrims each year.
  •  Ladakh, a mountaneous sightseeing spot, located in the northern part of India. This scenic place is among the major tourist venues in India with its high elevation. It is home for the Palace of the Ladakh King, Buddhist monasteries and Temples.
  • Varnasi, Uttar Pradesh, which is the spiritual capital of India, located near the River Ganges. It is the city of Lord Shiva, the god of creation and destruction. It is a popular tourist venue with its Mosque, Temples and monkeys. You can see thousands of people bathe in the Ganges River every morning for spiritual cleansing.

The Southern part of India also has a lot to offer

  •  Mysore, which was once the capital of the Wodeyar dynasty. Prominent tourist areas in the city include the Devaraja Market, and the chai tearooms along the Dhanwanthri Road. It is also the best place for sandalwood carvings.
  •  Kerala, which is located in the southwestern India. It attracts a lot of tourists because of its elegant houseboats, backwaters and temple festivals, the Dutch Palace and many other fantastic venues.

Due to its beauty and splendor, India has a lot to offer. Book your flight with eDreams and explore every part of this fascinating country.